Friday, December 7, 2018

My Weird Wishlist

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How many of you are list-makers? If you're like me you make lists for any and all reasons including anxiety, excitement, and let's be honest, procrastination. This week I wanted to share with you guys a list that I've been adding to for a while, my Weird Wishlist!

These are all things that I've seen or heard advertised and was interested in, but not in an immediate way. More of a someday-when-I-have-money-maybe way. There's no one set category, which is why I'd call it weird as there's quite a variety of products and reasons I'd like to have them someday.
I'll give the product descriptions from the official website, and then my reasons behind adding it to the list.

#1. the CrashSafe charger

  1. Window Smasher - CrashSafe has a small metal pin hidden in the tip of the cigarette lighter plug. The patented pin of CrashSafe will easily smash through any car window with one strike.
  2. Seatbelt Cutter - CrashSafe is designed to avoid accidental cuts yet sharp enough to easily slice through seat belts. The seat belt cutter is hidden in the side of the car charger to protect from cutting someone.
  3. Car Charger - Keep CrashSafe plugged into your car's cigarette lighter outlet (12v power port) and use the USB charging port to quickly power your mobile phone or other devices.
  4. Power Bank - Remove CrashSafe from your cigarette lighter outlet (12v power port) and use it as a portable charger. The 2200 mAh lithium battery stores enough power to give your phone a complete charge in stranded situations.
  5. LED Flashlight - This powerful torch lasts 4 hours and can help you in nighttime emergencies such as when you need to change a tire or walk to safety.
  6. Emergency Beacon - For added safety, use CrashSafe's high-powered red flashing light to ensure oncoming traffic does not strike your vehicle. Lasts 10 hours!
My reasoning for wanting this car charger is pretty standard. I like to be prepared for things that I hope will never happen, and I also hate the cheap car chargers that must be rotated six thousand times in the port before actually charging.

#2. the BeltBox sound dampener

"We've all been there. Needing to go through vocal exercises before auditions but not wanting to disturb those around you. 
That's where your BELTBOX comes in - It muffles your voice up to 30 dB but still allows you to hear if you are in the right key! 
Use your full voice and it sounds like a whisper!
You can also feed in a microphone for quiet conversations or gaming."

Apartment living is just NOT good for both vocal exercises and social anxiety. I've taken voice lessons in the past and would love to go back to them, but being able to have a place where I feel comfortable singing loud hasn't been easy. Plus. I could do with having one for my fiance and his loud shouting while gaming!

#3. Carpe antiperspirant hand lotion

Rather than applying liquid chalk to your palms or trying to make them
more grippy with resin, Carpe stops foot and hand perspiration at the source — sweat glands. The crystallized active ingredient of Carpe serves as a sweatgland-level barrier to the sweat, thereby preventing it from reaching the surface.

Yep. You heard me. Hand sweats. While my autoimmune disease limits my ability to sweat and regulate my body temp, it also causes gross hand sweats during flare ups where it eventually makes the skin on my hands break into hives. While I don't know that the chemistry of this stuff would be good for my system during flare ups, it would be nice to not have such sweaty palms that, TRUE STORY, I had to replace my cheap USB mouse because my hand just would. not. stop. sweating.

#4. the Quip toothbrush

"Designed with every mouth in mind

When dentists and designers work together to create a simple, affordable, surprisingly enjoyable oral care service for everyone. Starting with a better electric toothbrush."

This is one I hear advertised all the time on podcasts. It's an electric toothbrush but also a subscription box. While I don't have the money to be buying subscription boxes right now, I would like to have better toothbrushes and someday have a few regular subscription services.

#5. Nura headphones

 The nuraphone
The nuraphone is the world’s only headphone that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing, then plays your favourite music in the best way for you. Fall in love with music, all over again.

Although my father is hard of hearing and has needed hearing aids his whole life, I've never had my hearing tested outside of school but can't hear certain high frequencies and have trouble catching the pitch in conversation and especially dialogue in shows and movies over the usually too-loud music. I've always wanted to get myself a good over-ear headset, I've never found one I liked. I can't say I'd be able to justify the price of this one to try it, though.

#6. HiSmile teeth whitening kit

"Our Teeth Whitening Kit has been designed to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. The whitening process has been formulated to deliver maximum results in 6 applications, with each application being only 10 minutes.
Our key ingredients ensure that there’s no pain or sensitivity caused throughout the process while delivering results of up to 8 shades whiter teeth."

I'm human, I suffer from vanity and wanting to change my appearance in a few ways. After getting my teeth sorted with a dentist (pulling my impacted wisdom teeth, cavities, fun stuff) I'd like to do a good whitening on my teeth and the mix of whitening product and also light intrigued me.


And there you have it! My Weird Wishlist. What odd things have caught your eye, and do you have similar someday-lists too? 

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