Tuesday, November 5, 2019

This Might Be Fiction- poem post

(The intro I wanted to write also came out like a poem, so I will post it on its own before the poem, formatted like one- my thoughts for this post are very early-morning creative and I hope at least, enjoyable to read. )

-This might be fiction. Or a past life, or someone else's memory.
There are parts of it that borrow from my experience, and parts I've never seen. 
I can't say who to blame for this one.-

 "A memory not my own, maybe a waking dream
from Kenyon and the Blackbird House"
by Stars

We buried you in the rain, and the wind, your favorite entity,

It screamed your name and we screamed with it,
to whatever out there might exist,
and have forgotten it was you for a moment.

The rain remembered,
and through tarpaulin and misdirection
made its way to our clothes, our faces
the cold in our bones felt like an ocean storm, seizing what it would.

Maybe, like us, searching for you in the dark
that held us there,
in the clouds, in the rain
in that blowy Portland mountain air.

I don't know why, that day, we didn't stay in.
But the earth, 
the earth, as my soul,
as the sun, and the fields, and the song of birds

craved your return.


Inspo links- 

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