Friday, August 31, 2018

My Photo Picks

       For this week's post I thought I'd share what I consider my top highlights of my photography collection from my years before & in school for photography and painting. 
       I was always super into photography, but started out with a point-and-shoot Nikon Coolpix. The timeframe of these photos goes from that time through the beginnings of art school when I had a serious camera, so some of the quality isn't fantastic in some of these and the reason why they're not in my final portfolio.
       I hope you enjoy these as much as I do, as pictures and also as snapshots into my journey and travels as a young artist!

This first one was taken while camping on the Kancamagus highway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


If I ever did pet portraits, this would be the picture I'd advertise with. His name was Eddie, and he taught me not to be afraid of Dachshunds by demanding I pet him and napping with me on the couch.

(I was bitten on the face by a dachshund when I was younger which left me with a scar I still have today. I still prefer the fluffy ones but will tolerate the plain sausagey ones. 
P.S. That poor dog dog bit like two other kids and the last I knew before moving away, he had gone blind and would end up running into my mailbox and we'd have to say "Frank, go home.")


 I was standing at least 100+ yards from this bird (Osprey?), which was perched atop a dead tree in an area of Florida that had been swept by a hurricane recently.
I was standing on one of the back seats in a van, sticking out the sun roof and pushing my camera to maximum zoom to get a look at this beautiful bird.
I'm really grateful I got to capture a few shots of it and that the person driving was patient enough to stop and wait for me to stop hanging out of her sun roof like a maniac trying to get a picture.


This shot taken in Boston reminds me of the house from Up. It looks ready to float away at any second.


 Taken when practicing using studio equipment with my classmates. For some reason at the time I also snapped a picture of the setup we were using, so here's a peek behind the curtain- er, backdrop. 

 A big, eerily beautiful house in the middle of a field in Florida. The house itself was lightly warped from age & weather but magnified with the tilt shift effect here.



Fairy staircases in the forest that surrounds the dirt road where I grew up and where I started my journey with photography.

Below is a rare shot of yours truly, not taken by me but showcasing the beautiful scenery and its effect on me.  


Easter treats and color schemes on the kitchen table in my hometown.

A pretty rock tumble captured in a New England mill town. The long brick buildings still line the rivers and stand with their empty windows looking lonely.

Swans on the Thames. They were very accommodating models.


New York , New York. As a gift for my sixteenth birthday, my brother took me to New York city for a day, where I went snap-happy with my photography and he took in the sights.


A photo from my "ice cave adventure" that led to some good shots but ultimately none that really convey what the space was like behind the wall of ice. Here's a semi decent pic of the toe of my boot for scale and some of the icicles for some reference. 

And finally, after the 700+ step climb up the spire we went on a ramble outside Salisbury Cathedral and I had to stop and get this Constable-esque (Constabulary?) shot of the cathedral. 
By the way, the Bunker Hill monument can bite me after that! 

The way I framed it reminds me of this painting by another landscape artist of the time- 
Mantes, View of the Cathedral and Town through the Trees 
by artist Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot


Leah said...

This is a really interesting collection of photos. I particularly like your images of swans on the Thames and your Osprey photo looks like it has incredible detail considering you were quite far away! You clearly have an eye for a good photo.

Earthboundstars said...

@Leah Thank you! I've always been obsessed with how water plays with light and I feel so lucky any time I'm able to capture that in a good picture.

The Rolling Twenties said...

What a beautiful post! My favourite picture was of the Osprey! The colours of the bird stand out beautifully. 😊 I love your blog post, ❤️

Bexa said...

These are really great photos, so many beautiful shots! I really love the pretty rock tumble and swans on the Thames. Great photo of Salisbury Cathedral too, I went there a few months ago and it’s such a nice town. Thank you for sharing <3 xx

Bexa |