Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Blogtober Day 2: What Happened?

Today almost didn't happen, I struggled last night with my PTSD and was about ready to give up on day 2. If it hadn't been for the encouragement of my blogger friends, namely Ruth who runs The Rolling Twenties blog  and being nominated for the Flawsome award by the lovely Anne Carty, I might have.

I watched the original Scary Movie to review for today, and while I enjoy tropes and spoofs and also being able to knock some movies off the list of things I apparently must have seen and need to catch up on, watching was so uncomfortable for me and cringey with the representation of Autism spectrum behaviors with the character "Doofy". Having spent time around people with limiting diseases, individuals who don't have control over swallowing excess saliva or can't move their arms fluidly and gracefully, it's just not funny to me to turn that into a character to make fun of.

I didn't know what I was going to write about it as I didn't want to write what I like and just gloss over what made me so uncomfortable, but I also didn't want to put out a really negative post.

Thankfully on my Blogtober content list there are a lot of animated shorts that I can fit in without setting aside at least an hour for a movie. I watched Old Fangs, an animation by Adrien Merigeau and produced by the Cartoon Saloon. It was absolutely beautiful and within the first few seconds had me glued to my screen, mouth open in a silent "wow" as I watched the beautiful shifting colors and the swaying lightly drawn grasses.The story line was gorgeous, without projecting too much meaning onto it I think I gleaned what it was meant to represent and that made it all the more beautiful. I really enjoy a work of art that can take one aspect of life, one moment or experience, and show the whole story of it in a fantastic visual or written representation.

I don't like to post much screenshots or pictures of other people's creations, even though I don't monetize my blog it still makes me uncomfortable. If you're interested in seeing the animation I'm so hung up on, please watch the whole thing on Vimeo and support the artist wherever you can.
There was a small moment in it which I really adored- the characters, anthropomorphic animals with the main character being a lithe wolf with pointed ears and nose, are wandering through the spooky woods and are passing behind a tall, branching tree when the silhouette of the wolf's head makes this interesting shot with the scenery. With animation, every shot is hand crafted so I appreciate this as intentional, but it would be a funny coincidence.

I really can't stress how gorgeous I found it. With its inspiration set in Ireland, it reminded me a lot of the Secret of Kells, but also in parts of Charlotte's Web and Fantasia.

Thanks for reading! I'm still set on doing Blogtober and I'm looking forward to much more fun watches to review.


Ria said...

Such a great post and this sounds like an amazing short film, I definitely want to give it a watch. Ps please do carry on with blogtober I will look forward to your posts xxx

Flyhiee said...

Thanks for sharing this amazing post <3

Earthboundstars said...

Thank you both for your kind comments!

The Rolling Twenties said...

Well done for carrying on with Blogtober! 💜Plus I love the fact you stand up for what you think! I agree with you over Scary movie. I will have to give Old Fangs a watch! 😊 A really awesome post! Xxx💕

Carly Tamara said...

I'm so glad you decided to continue with Blogtober. We are all here for you if you ever need a chat. But don't feel guilty if you really feel you need some time out, it's for understandable reasons!

Carly xx // www.prettystyleofliving.wordpress.com